LUGV - public administration structure


With the State Office of Environment, Health and Consumer Protection (LUGV) of the Federal State of Brandenburg carries out the arrangement of the department of the Federal State Government newly formed on November 6th of 2009 also on the subordinated authorities. The respective modification of the Act of Organisation of the Federal State was announced on July 15th in the Law and Ordinance Gazette of the Federal State of Brandenburg and to become operative from July 16th 2010 on.

The new Federal Supreme Authority LUGV now unifies the topics environment, health and consumer protection under one roof. The State Service completes tasks of implementation providing recommendations for policy actions as a scientific and technical Federal Agency.

LUGV (German abbr. arising from the initial letters):
L – Landesamt - State Office


U - Umwelt - Environment

  • Elaboration of scientific and technical fundamentals concerning the environment topics immissions and climate, soil and nature conservation, water management and quality inspection as well as energy and waste 
  • Implementation of EU Directives like e.g. Natura 2000 and Water Framework Directive
  • Local and regional development in the national natural landscapes
  • Environmental observation and ecotoxicology
  • Carrying out approval procedures and supervision of plants

G - Gesundheit - Health

  • Issuing licences to practice medicine and occupational permits within the academic medical professions and healthcare professions 
  • Monitoring of schools for the healthcare professions 
  • Examination office for healthcare professions 
  • Central appointment and processing procedure for the "U" examinations for children and young people in cooperation with the district health offices. 
  • Reporting of health issues
  •  Infection prevention, medical disaster prevention and environmentally-related health protection
  • Monitoring of pharmacies, medicines and medical products in the State of Brandenburg
  • Monitoring of those responsible for hospital treatment orders, as well as public accommodation arrangements under the Brandenburg Mental Health Act (BbgPsychKG)

V - Verbraucherschutz – Consumer protection

  • Inspection of food and feed products
  • Supervision and control of animal diseases
  • Animal protection and animal pharmacovigilance
  • Radiation protection, radioecology, chemical safety, biotechnology, and gene technology
  • Supervision and control on imports and transit of animals and products in the border veterinary service
  • Interference on urgent sudden occurrences
  • Coordination of across-district measures of the consumer protection
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